Elton John – The One Album

  1. Simple Life” – 6:25
  2. The One” – 5:53
  3. Sweat It Out” – 6:38
  4. Runaway Train” – 5:23 (Duet with Eric Clapton)
  5. Whitewash County” – 5:30
  6. The North” – 5:15
  7. When a Woman Doesn’t Want You” – 4:56
  8. Emily” – 4:58
  9. On Dark Street” – 4:43
  10. Understanding Women” – 5:03
  11. The Last Song” – 3:21

The One is the thirty-third album (the twenty-third in the studio) of the British singer-songwriter Elton John, released June 22, 1992.

The record was recorded in the Studio Guillame Tell in Paris; produced by Chris Thomas, is dedicated to Vance Buck; the cover is signed Versace (which at the time also took care of the stylistic aspect of John’s concerts). In 1992 (the year of the LP distribution), Elton has given a new course to his life, finally healthy and regular after years of excess (in 1990 he was in fact rehabilitated by addiction to drugs and alcohol and bulimia); then develops an unprecedented maturity and a renewed inner stillness. The One is a clear example: pop-style album, highlights many reflective pieces. Only a few tracks, however, have a slow and quiet melody; most of them have a lively pace, including the second single Runaway Train, duet with Eric Clapton (worthy of mention is also the collaboration with David Gilmour, guitar in Understanding Women).

For some critics, the production of Chris Thomas (in line with the sounds of the era) constitutes the weak point of the album, penalizing the songs; nevertheless, The One has had great commercial success, especially in Europe. For three consecutive weeks he was in number two on the British charts, never touching the number one because of Lionel Richie’s Back to Front compilation; in the United States it has achieved a # 8, while in Italy it has even reached the first position in the standings. In addition, four singles have been extracted: The One, Simple Life, The Last Song and the aforementioned Runaway Train (the title track will become one of the most famous songs of Elton John in the Nineties).

In 1998 the remastered reissue of this album was published, containing two bonus tracks.