Elton John – The Big Picture Album

No. Title Length
1. Long Way from Happiness 4:47
2. Live Like Horses 5:02
3. The End Will Come 4:53
4. If the River Can Bend 5:23
5. Love’s Got a Lot to Answer For 5:02
6. Something About the Way You Look Tonight 5:13
7. The Big Picture 3:45
8. Recover Your Soul 5:18
9. January 4:02
10. I Can’t Steer My Heart Clear of You 4:10
11. Wicked Dreams 4:39

The Big Picture is the thirty-ninth album (the twenty-sixth in the studio) by the British artist Elton John, published September 22, 1997.

It is dedicated to Gianni Versace, a great friend of Elton murdered in that year. Musically speaking, the CD highlights slow passages and texts with remarkable reflexivity; intimate themes, for example, are found in the single Recover Your Soul and in Live Like Horses (recorded during the recording sessions of Made in England and then reincarnated). The presence of these themes influences the Eltonian, imposing and orchestral compositions; nonetheless, according to critics, the production of Chris Thomas, once again too much devoted to electronics, weighs down even the most valuable piece; to have a decisive artistic renaissance it will be necessary to wait for Songs from the West Coast (2001).

The Big Picture, in terms of sales, did not replicate the same success as the previous album, also because it was released soon after the release of the famous song Candle in the Wind 1997, which, with great disappointment, was not included in the album (although Something About the Way You Look Tonight was part of the charity single as an additional A-side). The excessive media exposure of Candle in the Wind, in the long run, damaged the image of Elton’s artistic career, little helped by a press that preferred gossip to his music. However, The Big Picture managed to reach a # 9 USA and a # 3 UK, and even an unexpected first position in the Italian standings. Three singles were drawn: the already mentioned Something About the Way You Look Tonight and Recover Your Soul and If the River Can Bend (the latter is the only one not to own a videoclip). Something About the Way also came out as a single in Europe without Candle in the Wind 1997 (but not in the UK).

The Big Picture is the least favorite album by Bernie Taupin among those composed of the duo, according to an interview with Elton in 2006.