Elton John – Sleeping with the Past Album

Side one

  1. Durban Deep” – 5:29
  2. Healing Hands” – 4:31
  3. Whispers” – 5:28
  4. Club at the End of the Street” – 4:52
  5. Sleeping with the Past” – 4:54

Side two

  1. Stones Throw from Hurtin’” – 4:45
  2. Sacrifice” – 5:06
  3. I Never Knew Her Name” – 3:29
  4. Amazes Me” – 4:37
  5. Blue Avenue” – 4:33

Sleeping with the Past is the thirtieth album (the twenty-second in the studio) by the British artist Elton John, published in August 1989.

The album was recorded in Denmark (specifically at the Puk Studios, Randers); dedicated to Bernie Taupin (historical lyricist of the British superstar), presents itself as a declared tribute to the soul music of the Sixties and to R & B artists such as Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding (also mentioned in the cheerful Club at the End of the Street). The songs, however, clearly pop mold (despite the inspiration), are definitely influenced by the sounds that raged on the world music scene in the late eighties, with extensive use of electronic effects. This album (produced by Chris Thomas) is the last studio album to present an Elton dependent on alcohol and drugs; in fact, in 1990, Pinner’s pianist will close in a detoxification center, freeing himself from the various addictions and giving a regular course to his life.

Sleeping with the Past did not receive a great critical reception; instead he had a great public consensus. He made his debut at # 6 in the United Kingdom, but the two individual Sacrifices and Healing Hands, initially released separately, had little evidence; when, however, they were merged into a single single benefit in June 1990, they reached the first position in the UK Singles Chart (the second from the time of Do not Go Breaking My Heart and the first to highlight exclusively Elton) and immediately dragged to the # 1 even the album of origin (something that did not happen since the days of Greatest Hits, incredible to say). The LP reached a # 23 in the US and a # 6 in Italy; it also became the best-selling Elton record in Denmark, and its first platinum album since A Single Man. The aforementioned Club at the End of the Street was also released as a single, while Whispers were marketed in continental Europe ( # 11 in France) that Blue Avenue: the latter touched the Dutch Top 75. Sleeping with the Past is still very much appreciated by the fans and marks the return to the great commercial success that accompanied John throughout the Nineties.

In 1998 the remastered version was published, containing two bonus tracks. In this version, Durban Deep has a different voice mix and is slightly longer.