Elton John – Leather Jackets Album

Side one

  1. Leather Jackets” – 4:10
  2. Hoop of Fire” – 4:14
  3. Don’t Trust That Woman” (Cher, Lady Choc Ice [John]) – 4:58
  4. Go It Alone” – 4:26
  5. Gypsy Heart” – 4:46

Side two

  1. Slow Rivers” (Duet with Cliff Richard) – 3:06
  2. Heartache All Over the World” – 4:01/4:17++
  3. Angeline” (John, Taupin, Alan Carvell) – 3:24 (LP Version)/3:55 (CD Version)
  4. Memory of Love” (John, Gary Osborne) – 4:08
  5. Paris” – 3:58
  6. I Fall Apart” – 4:00

Leather Jackets is the twenty-sixth album (the twentieth in the studio) by the British artist Elton John, published in November 1986.

The album was recorded at Wisseloord Studios (Hilversum, the Netherlands) and at Sol Studios (Berkshire, United Kingdom). Cher collaborates with Lady Choc Ice (pseudonym of Elton) in the writing of the song Do not Trust That Woman, while Roger Taylor and John Deacon of Queen play in Angeline. The album continues the style of Ice on Fire (1985); the production of Gus Dudgeon tries to adapt to the sounds of the time, while Elton aggravates his personal problems by heavily abusing alcohol and drugs. The result is a similar product and perhaps even worse than the previous one, almost unanimously considered as one of the lowest points of the career of British rockstar while containing valid melodic cues.

Even the public reacts coldly, and Leather Jackets soon becomes one of the less sold works of Pinner’s pianist, earning a number 24 UK and even a number 91 USA, the worst ranking ever achieved by an Elton album. Although, curiously, the song Paris has some success in some jazz radio stations, none of the two extracts of the LP (Heartache All Over the World and Slow Rivers) reaches the US and British Top 40, for the first time since Tumbleweed Connection (1970), from which no single was extracted and published. Elton John himself declared, in 2006, to consider Leather Jackets his least favorite album.

For the first time in the career of rockstar, in this LP no song reaches five minutes in duration.