Elton John – Caribou Album

Side one

  1. The Bitch Is Back” – 3:44
  2. Pinky” – 3:54
  3. Grimsby” – 3:47
  4. Dixie Lily” – 2:54
  5. Solar Prestige a Gammon” – 2:52
  6. You’re So Static” – 4:52

Side two

  1. I’ve Seen the Saucers” – 4:48
  2. Stinker” – 5:20
  3. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” – 5:36
  4. Ticking” – 7:33

Caribou is the eighth studio album by British singer and composer Elton John.

During his last US tour, John heard about a ranch with a music studio in the mountains of Colorado, in a breathtaking position and 3000 meters high. He visited the area by helicopter and booked enthusiastically for his next shots. The musician gave his album the name: Caribou.

After the release of his previous project, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” John spent seven months on a concert tour. Before the next tour to Japan, New Zealand and Australia should start in early 1974, there was only a small time window of ten days for the recordings of his new long-playing record. John was therefore in a bad mood, prickly and irritable. He was beating down on his whistleblower Bernie Taupin about whom-ever-bad when Taupin’s wife Maxine entered the room. She understood the situation immediately, nodded knowingly and muttered to her husband, “Oh-oh. The bitch is back “. Taupin answered in his own way, it became the title of the next hit.

No one had thought that the unusual American recording technology in the studio required a training period. So two valuable days of recording were lost, which put a damper on John’s original good mood. The recording songs they brought to the Colorado wild turned out to be no more than hurried song fragments. After John’s departure for the next tour, the producer Gus Dudgeon had to spend much more time compared to previous projects for post-production.

The artistic assessment of “Caribou” was, not only because of the time pressure during the recording, not a good star. Even John did not like one of his songs, “Do not Let The Sun Go Down On Me.” He played it in a variety of variants and would have preferred “the bums” Engelbert Humperdinck or Lulu, rather than use it himself. It was clear to everyone around John that the album was cobbled together. However, the British producer Gus Dudgeon displeased most of the American accent used.

The songs on this album were not John’s best at the time, though “The Bitch Is Back” and “Do not Let The Sun Go Down On Me” fell even today, staging glittering showman Elton John. Apart from a few pearls such as “Dixie Lily”, which casts its softly drawn look at the steamboat navigation, there are too many ridiculous fillers like “Solar Prestige a Gammon” and “Pinky” and so “Caribou” disappoints in total.

The otherwise very sophisticated designed at John’s plate shell was at “Caribou” trivial and unimaginative. Nobody was surprised that the rock critics agreed that the new LP would not meet John’s usual standard. Only the fans did not care about the reviews. In Britain and North America “Caribou” went straight to number 1 on the album charts.