Elton John – Breaking Hearts Album

Side one

  1. Restless” – 5:17
  2. Slow Down Georgie (She’s Poison)” – 4:10
  3. Who Wears These Shoes?” – 4:04
  4. Breaking Hearts (Ain’t What It Used to Be)” – 3:34
  5. Li’l ‘Frigerator” – 3:37

Side two

  1. Passengers” (John, Taupin, Davey Johnstone, Phineas MkHize) – 3:24
  2. In Neon” – 4:19
  3. Burning Buildings” – 4:02
  4. Did He Shoot Her?” – 3:21
  5. Sad Songs (Say So Much)” – 4:55

Breaking Hearts is the twenty-fourth album (the eighteenth in the studio) by the British artist Elton John, published in June 1984.

Recorded at the Air Studios (Montserrat) between December 1983 and January 1984, musically speaking, the style of the previous LP Too Low for Zero continues, even if it does not reach its artistic level.

However, the results are good and appreciated by critics; playing the record is, as in the previous case, the historic Elton John Band formed by bassist Dee Murray, drummer Nigel Olsson and guitarist Davey Johnstone, while the production is still the work of Chris Thomas.

Breaking Hearts reached a # 20 USA, but in the United Kingdom it made its debut at # 2 [1] and in Australia it was even in first position; Sad Songs (Say So Much) (# 5 USA) and Passengers (# 5 UK) also enjoyed success (the other singles were In Neon, Who Wears These Shoes ?, and Breaking Hearts (Is not What It Used to Be) ).