Elton John Biography

Reginald Kenneth Dwight’s musical talent was recognized early on. At the tender age of eleven, he received a scholarship from the Royal School of Music. The pop star, according to himself, had an infernal every time he went to the conservatory, where it was very strict. But looking back, he thinks that he would never have been a successful singer without the school: “Today I’m grateful to this school for everything that it brews me in. How else would I know how chord progressions work? I have a classical education so I often write very complex songs, that does not work without such a foundation. ”

At fifteen, Elton John was tinkering through the pubs to make a living. The rough atmosphere was a tough test for the sensitive musician: “Often brawls erupted, so my piano was at the window so I could climb out when it got too wild for me. Hey, I was fifteen and shy! But in these pubs I developed all my self-confidence. ”

Breakthrough as Elton John

The singer initially filmed in the background on his musical career. So he played in the band of blues with a musician named Long John Baldry, who was partly responsible for Elton John’s stage name. The other namesake was the saxophonist Elton Dean, also a band colleague. The big breakthrough after the name change was not long in coming: Elton John got to know the copywriter Bernie Taupin, with whom he composed together. Already the second album Elton John with the hit single Your Song was a success. From then on, the singer made it and created one chartbreaker after another: songs like “Rocket Man”, “Candle in the Wind” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” are just a small selection of world hits.

The crash

But worldwide fame also had its downsides. Elton John found himself in an environment in which excessive drug use was normal: “I got up, smoked a joint, drank a bottle of whiskey, stayed three days, went to sleep for a day and a half.” In the eighties, the pop star also snuffed cocaine and was tablet-dependent. “I wasted a big and important part of my life taking drugs. The AIDS epidemic was just beginning and I was just too busy with myself. “It was not until 1990 that the musician managed to get rid of his drug addiction, and it dawned on him that he was also at risk of contracting HIV. When the test turned out to be negative, he could barely believe his luck and instead of giving up a lazy existence, wanted to help others, and then founded the Elton John Aids Foundation.

The quiet life

After his withdrawal came the private happiness: Elton John got to know the director and film producer David Furnish at a Halloween party. In 2014, the two could finally marry, as Britain officially recognized marriage for homosexual couples. The two have two sons, who let them carry out the same surrogate mother. However, they do not know who they are their biological father.

Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour

In 2018 Elton John has announced his final tour in the North America. This is farewell tour after which Elton John is going to retire and stop giving live performances. To not miss his latest concert’s visit Elton John tour schedule and buy a ticket for the best price.