Elton John Tour In 2019 Starts On Friday, January 11

Elton John continues his last US tour in January 11, 2019. The concert is going to be held at Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho (USA). This is going to be the first Elton’s concert in the year 2019.

Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour has started in 2018. The famous singer, songwriter, pianist and composer has stated, that ‘Yellow Brick Road tour is the latest big worldwide tour that I’m going to do. I want to focus on my family and kids.‘ The 71-year old singer has 2 kids and his partner is David Furnish sees eye to eye on this matter.

The tour already happened in many European countries, including Germany, Austria, France, Spain and so on. Now the tour is scheduled for the USA and Canada mostly with a few breaks in United Kingdom and some other countries.

But the main shows is going to happen in USA. Following Boise, the tour continues in Portland (January, 12) and then moves to California: Fresno (Jan 15), Sacramento (16), Oakland (18), San Jose (19). Having three days time-off the tour continues with three concerts in Los Angeles (January 22, 23 and 25) and then moves to Arizona: Glendale concerts is scheduled for January 26.

The 2 latest concerts in January are going to be held in California again: San Diego (29) and Los Angeles (30). Basically, we can state that Yellow Brick Road tour in January 2019 focuses on California concerts in San Diego and Los Angeles. this is no surprise as many people visit this cities and be happy to visit a concert of such famous pianist as Elton John.

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Any chance he’s coming to Hawaii?


Unfortunately, no.

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