Sir Elton John turns on the TV at Christmas for the Queen

Only for a special lady, he turns on the TV at Christmas. 71-year old Sir Elton John has revealed in an interview with the British magazine “Radio Times” how he spent the Christmas season with his sons Zachary (7 year old) and Elijah (5) and his husband David Furnish. The family gathers in front of the TV for just one occasion: to listen to the Christmas address of Queen Elizabeth II (92).

Otherwise, the TV and the smartphone are usually turned off at Christmas, Elton John continues. Instead, there are gifts, games or Christmas carols on the program. He also revealed his wish for the year 2019 in the interview: “I hope people will spend less time on the phone.” He loves the benefits of today’s technology but states that “There’s nothing like an excited conversation and shared laughter.”

The tradition of the royal Christmas TV congratulations has began in 1932 with a broadcast by King George V (1865-1936). Today the message is transmitted on TV, on the radio and on the Internet.

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I would like to know during the this time if the concerts will still be going ahead? Is there a chance they would be moved to next year?

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